10 Days to Go – Is Your Tree Up?

0_0_0_0_250_192_csupload_52593912_largeWith only 10 days until Christmas, have you decorated your house, put your tree up, strung up gazillions of light, set out dozens of pretty candles amongst beautiful centerpieces?  You have?  Well, you are eons ahead of me!

I love Christmas and decorating!  Many of my family and friends have the most beautiful Christmas homes.  Multiple trees and various wall hangings, table decorations, outside lights, etc.

This year I’m going to soak in all their Christmas Spirit and revel in their good taste.

Isn’t it amazing that there are so many styles and combinations to choose from?  I like them all.

There are three favorites that I’ll never give up.  The traditional Hallmark “look” with Santa ornaments, snowmen, animals has always been a favorite of mine.  Our trees when the kids were little were real and HUGE!  One year my sister, Gina, chose a tree for me while I was at the dentist.  OMG!  It was nicknamed Sequoia.  My first husband used a chainsaw to cut it into 3 pieces after Christmas.  I loved it!  Decorated with a hodge podge of ornaments, strings of popcorn and berries it was reminiscent of an Old-Fashioned Christmas.  In the 1980s I made pieced calico tree skirts by the dozens – but I don’t have one for myself!  A length of fabric usually serves as a tree skirt for this tree, sometimes red, sometimes white, sometimes the sparkly snow blanket.

Then came the Barbie tree.  A collector of Barbie ornaments for several years, the Barbie tree started out small and is now large enough for a 6-1/2 foot tree.  Barbie is divine, isn’t she?  The Holiday Barbie Ornament Collection ends this year.  The series contains 13 ornaments and started in 2000.  My late husband, Jimmy, bought me the regular size Holiday Barbie for Christmas that year, Gina gave me the matching ornament and I’ve received the Barbie orn. every year since then.  I hate to see the series end.  I always looked forward to a new one.  The Barbie tree stands proudly in a corner of the living room with a soft pink and white satin/lace tree skirt beneath it.  Very feminine, very Miss Marly!

Third on the favorites list is the tree pictured above.  My main tree has been done with copper, gold, silver and white for a few years now.  It is sooooooo elegant, rich-looking and just beautiful at night with the lights on.  A beautiful embroidered gold tree skirt, another gift from Gina, surrounds the tree in soft folds adding even more sparkle and shine.

This year I’m not sure what is going up.  I’ve been so busy working and marketing my new book, Dirty Laundry, that I’m nearly out of time.

Would you post a reply here and tell me how you decorate?  I’d love to spend the next 10 days reading about and imagining YOUR decorations.

Have a great week and be sure to spread a smile and a Merry Christmas or two everywhere you go!


Miss Marly



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