Dreams and Dreamers

Have you ever had a dream that stuck with you for a long time?

I did, back in December, 2009.

In June, 2011 I wrote it out and submitted it to Guideposts Magazine in NY.  A few weeks later I received an email stating they would like to use my dream in their brand new magazine, Mysterious Ways.

Ta-da!  This morning, the edited version of my dream came via email for my review.

Mysterious Ways will be available in late November.  The issue will be Dec/Jan.

This is exciting, as it is the first published item for me other than letters to the editor of our local newspaper.

I hope that those who do read the Mysterious Ways dream will think about the comfort we can get from dreams, that just maybe those who have gone before us are still connected to us in some way.

My belief is that no one is ever truly gone.  We live on through those we have touched.

Do you have an experience you’d like to share?  I am constantly looking for new ideas, stories, and anecdotes to file away for a future novel.

I received a funny one about online dating the other day, but you’ll have to wait for book #2, Widow Gone Wild, to find out!


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