Goodreads – are you with me?

Are you on Goodreads yet?  If you love to read, GR is a great place to browse, interact with other readers, etc. 

I can spend hours just looking through all the categories and reading the posts by other readers.

What type of books do you like?  Let me tell you what I most enjoy – maybe you can recommend some good reads….

1.  Romance Novels

2.  Historical Romance Novels

3.  Mysteries

4.  True Crime Novels

5.  Medical Thrillers/Mysteries – my very favorites!

6.  Biography

7.  Erotic Romance – where’s my 50?

A few of my favorite authors:

1.  Patricia Cornwell

2.  Lisa Gardner

3.  Tami Hoag

4.  Mary Higgins Clark

5.  James Patterson

6.  John Grisham

7.  Michael Connelly

8.  Sharon Woods Hopkins

9.  Bill Hopkins

10.  Claire Applewhite

I could go on forever. 

For a look at what Goodreads has to offer, please click on the link below.  You can join for free – I’ll see you over there – if you join,Friend me! 



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