Life As A Chick Lit Author

What was it like writing your first book? 

Scary – very scary!  The anxiety of your first date, first kiss, getting married, having a baby, buying your first house – put all of these together and ramp it up some.  That is what it’s like the first time you put fingers to the keyboard with your own name under the title of a book.

Now, take all those feelings above and imagine the joy you felt when all those things were fulfilled and ramp it up some.  That is what it’s like to receive the first proof copy of your own book in the mail.  Exhilarating to say the least! 



What was it like writing such a personal tale? 

Laughter, tears, shame, embarrassment, pride all played a role in the writing of Dirty Laundry.  I’ve always been transparent and believed we all share the same basic feelings and thoughts.  Why pretend?  My life was far from perfect, though admittedly age helps.  Many people have shared things from their own lives that they would never share with anyone else – they know they are safe with me.  I won’t tell others and I don’t judge them.

Any advice for first-timers? 

Just start writing.  Your own voice, your own style.  Tell your story.  Worry about the logistics and the mechanics later.  Newbies who are serious about producing a short story or a full novel should join groups for writers online, subscribe to a good writers’ magazine, such as Writer’s Digest, and read, read, read and read some more.

Above all, have fun with it!  If you only have one article published or one book published, you still have left a piece of yourself for the world to keep. 


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