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I’ve thought long and hard about how to respond to this merger/buyout/world domination thing, and I’ve started this blog post four times. Four. Enough – what it boils down to is this:

Amazon, yes, is the biggest bookseller in the world. It’s cheap, it’s convenient. Are they killing the industry, trying to take down indie bookstores? Maybe. Not a damn thing I can do about it. They’ll continue selling cheap and convenient, at All on the Same Page Bookstore we’ll keep doing what we do best: topnotch customer service, personal touch, community building, and supporting other indies – our authors and publishers.

(Seems like the indies who are complaining and bemoaning what they consider a sellout by Goodreads are the ones who support indie bookstores, and indie shops, and indie artists – but not indie authors or indie publishers. Had to get that out, because frankly, it smacks of hypocrisy.)

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