Author Wednesday – Hazy Shades of Me

For my “mature” or middle-age friends, Alana Agerbo will resonate with most of us.



Welcome to Author Wednesday. I’m very excited to host a new, but solid friend and author, Alana Agerbo. When I started this blog last year, Alana was one of my first followers and one of the first to comment on my posts. I remember how excited I was when she posted one of my blogs to Facebook. I began following her blog, Hazy Shades of Me, and discovered a writer with extraordinary talent and a woman modest about her craft. I also made a friend, even though we’ve never met in person. To me, she will always be “Hazy” in name, but clear and poetic in her prose. I present to you with great pride and joy, my friend and author, Alana Agerbo AKA Hazy.2FBHazy.jpg

I Can Be Silver

By Alana “Hazy” Agerbo

I am gray.

Dappled Gray. I’m unconcerned whether we see a drama or a comedy…

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