Was it Bert, Brett? No, it was Bart Baker!

What do you do when you want something so much you can’t think of anything else? If you are me or Miss Marly, you go after it. Last weekend, Hollywood screenwriter, producer and director, Bart Baker, was at All on the Same Page Bookstore in St. Louis, MO for a book signing. Bart’s new book What Remains follows his bestseller Honeymoon with Harry. harry Ah-ha! Since the biggest item on my Bucket List is seeing my own book, Dirty Laundry, made into a movie I decided to meet Bart.

You may scoff at an unknown author from a tiny midwestern town pursuing the dream of a movie, but think about it. Where did all the big name writers, actors, directors, etc. come from? They came from everywhere – cities, towns, villages, foreign countries.

It doesn’t matter where you are from. What matters is where you are going!

Honeymoon with Harry was already on my nightstand to be read, so I drove the 55 or 60 miles to meet Bart – my first connection to the movie world.

Wow! Bart looks like Mr. Clean – remember him from the commercials? Bald, muscular and bigger than life? Bart is all of those because of his great personality.

Upon shaking hands and asking Bart to autograph my copy of Harry and his new book What Remains, I had one question for him.

“Bart, what one piece of advice would you give an unknown author who is determined to see his/her book made into a movie?”

“First, you have to get someone to read it and like it.”

Whipping a copy of Diry Laundry off the shelf next to Bart’s table, I handed him the book.

“Great! It’s short. Short is good. Screenwriters like short. Next, there needs to be filmable scenes in the book.”

“No problem, Bart. I can promise you Dirty Laundry is filmable. I just don’t know what to do about it. Can you help me?”

“Tell you what. I’ll read it and call you, let you know what I think. I’m a slow reader – with two 7-year-old boys our house is busy all the time. BUT let me take it home and I’ll get back to you. The bottom line, Marilyn, is connections, connections, connections. Without them, you go nowhere.”

Well, you can all imagine how I felt upon leaving All on the Same Page. Excited? OMG! I was walking on the proverbial cloud nine. Bart Baker, my first connection, actually agreed to read my book.

I’m sharing this so that any newbies can take heart it is doable. Follow your dreams of writing, work on your bucket list. Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. Two years ago, a friend asked me what I hoped to do my story. My response to him was this: I WANT A MOVIE.

Will it happen? I’m hoping so – and leaving it on my Bucket List until I actually walk the red carpet.

What is on your Bucket List? Leave a comment – I’d love to know.


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