Rally Report and Recap Re The Book House

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Robin Writes

Yeah, I’m all about alliteration. Heh. See how I did that?

Last night, we held a rally for The Book House. The purpose was to raise awareness of the situation itself, the possible shuttering of yet another indie bookstore in the area, and to talk, discuss, and network potential solutions. I didn’t do a head count, but Michelle said she estimated about 30 in the crowd. Channel Five showed up too – you can see the footage here.

We handed out fliers and stood out by Manchester Road, waving signs and jumping up and down. I felt kinda silly, but hey – we had a lot of horn honking and smiles and waves! Folks from Illinois came over the river to support The Book House, and a mom brought her two kids who’d made a sign. She said they were crushed when they heard the store might close, and…

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