Long Overdue MWG Conference Notes


Several weeks ago, I promised you notes from the MWG Writers Conference. Creative arts got in the way of blogging. Have you seen the ruffled scarves everyone is wearing? I love them and learned how to knit and crochet them. Lots of colors, so I’ve made several. I apologize for the lack in posting. If you’re really miffed, email me and I’ll send you a scarf as penance.

So, who did I meet, what did I learn?

C. Hope Clark, Editor, Funds for Writers, Inc. spoke to us at Friday’s Early Arrival Seminar and again during Saturday’s luncheon. Hope is a self-proclaimed introvert, happiest while at home in the country. You would never know this by watching her speak. Hope is passionate about helping writers come out of the paralysis of introversion into the world of becoming known for their writing. She speaks everywhere for Funds for Writers, Inc. If you are a writer in need of some help with funding for your writing and/or putting yourself “out there”, please visit her site. FFW specializes in grants for writers and serious contests for writers. On the home page, you’ll find that Hope writes for a living – if she wouldn’t feel comfortable with a contest or grant, she wouldn’t recommend it. Find out more at http://www.fundsforwriters.com/ and let me know what you think in a comment below.

Hope is also the author of a new mystery series, Carolina Slade Mystery.  Book #1 Lowcountry Bribe and book #2 Tidewater Murder.

***** One of the lucky ones, I’ve never had a problem in asking for what I want – some would call it a handicap – my late husband just called it “mouth of the south.” LOL

Saturday was intense. As an aside, the food was great! Loved the breakfast scones, thanks to Janet Cannon for planning the breakfast buffet.

Opportunity for five sessions and boocoo (is that a word?) speakers is always a challenge for me. I want to see and hear everyone, but have to pick and choose those best for me and my writing.

At 9 a.m. Robin Colucci Hoffman won the spot for me. Robin’s message was An Idea is Not a Concept. What the heck does that mean? I had NO idea, but since I sat next to Robin at breakfast I knew I would like it. Wow! Robin delivered and I wrote feverishly, filling two pages with notes. Robin gave us the following ten questions concerning our writing:

1. What role does my book play in furthering my career?

2. What’s the book about? (Information vs. Insight)

3. Who will read it?

4. Why will they read it?

5. What difference do YOU want to make in the world?

6. What genre are you writing?

7. How does MY book compare to other books in the bookstore?

8. What makes mine unique?

9. Why am I the best or only person to write it?

10. What is missing in the market that I can provide?

Robin filled in the hour with more questions and answers about the difference between an idea and a concept. We need a salable concept to be

successful. Robin is a coach and can be found at http:getpublishedcoach.com Check out her website and let me know if you sign up for a coaching session.

Favorite quote from Robin: “You can go from just another author to a thought leader.”

Next post: Geoff Morrison on e-Publishing, Jane Henderson from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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