In Between

How do you spend your in between times?  You know, those days that just “are” – nothing happening, just hanging out waiting for something interesting or important to happen.  The older I get, the more I realize that those really are the important days, the days when our lives are unwinding from the spool, moving into the next phase.

Many people, especially the younger generations, skip the in between times, always longing for the next big thing.  Before they know it, life has moved on into the next stage – all those in between days are lost forever.

Jeff Goins’ newest book launched today in paperback and ebook format.  I was privileged to be in Jeff’s In Between Insiders Group.  Jeff led a FB discussion and sent emails about the book.

I’ve read some of it and will finish it soon.  I’ve learned over time to appreciate the in between days, cherish the mundane and enjoy the obscure blessings – and every day has some. The buds and blooms on my crepe myrtle bush this week, the incredibly lush wild growth behind my house with lots of wildflowers in many colors. 

I encourage you to purchase Jeff’s book and treat yourself to some extra blessings on the In Between days.


Jeff Goins lives in Nashville with his wife and baby son.







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