Book Review ala P.C.

P.C. has written the perfect explanation about reviews that I’ve come across. I’ve reblogged this for readers and writers alike. Enjoy!


By Patricia Zick @PCZick

I’ve been posting Book Review Friday for several months, although in recent weeks, I haven’t been that regular with my postings. I hope that changes as the cooler weather approaches, and I spend more time inside in quieter pursuits such as reading.

I think about reviews, both those I write and those I receive for my own books. Often, reviewers will post a review on a book they didn’t/couldn’t finish and give the book a 1- or 2-star rating. That’s unfair and mean-spirited. I received a 3-star rating the other day, but the reviewer only had good things to say about my book. When I look at the reviews of books I want to read, I usually disregard the 5-star ratings and the lowest ratings. Somewhere in the middle lies the most honest and fair of reviews.

I review books in the genres I most enjoy:…

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