Pen Versus Pin

11222011 001  A lovely fall table.  This tablescape could be straight from Pinterest, couldn’t it? It is actually from my birthday a couple of years ago.  Jane, a close friend, was the hostess and used lovely sparkling lights, candles and fall leaves throughout the house.

I love to decorate.  The problem now is finding the time to do it all – decorate, write, work, keep up with family and friends in real time, not just Social Media. Pinterest, FB and assorted online writing groups and widow support groups, not to mention TV news channels and my not to be missed regular TV shows can steal my time from writing.  What about you?

 What about cooking healthy foods and leaving the junk foods and processed foods behind? It takes time to prepare good meals.  Healthy salads can take a while to make, too. 

Do you have a schedule for all these things?  Do you give up any of the above for writing? 

I’m seriously hoping for some responses to these questions.  My brutal truth is this:

I have no real schedule to write.

People are important to me.

FB claims a lot of my time, as do the various groups I’m in.

Books claim another chunk of my time.  I love to read and have always read every day since old enough to read Dick and Jane.  Yes, I know, many of you are too young to remember Dick and Jane.  They were the first primers we used back in the early 1960s when I was a child.  Dick and Jane hooked me and never let go.  I would much rather read than write, but feel I still have a book or two in me. 

The 31 Blogging Challenge grabbed my attention – I knew it would force me to conform to a schedule of daily blogging.  This is only day 2. 

What about you? Do you blog? How often? What is your schedule? 



3 thoughts on “Pen Versus Pin

  1. I get where you’re coming from; things take ( a lot) of time.
    I don’t have a schedule per say but I do kind of have a rule that I have to write 2-3 good sentences or write for at least 10 minutes a day. It may seem like I have set the bar low, but the point is exactly that, because it entices me to go ahead and do it. It’s like if you want to start running and your first goal is to just put on the shoes – not go for a 20 minute run. It works for me.

    For food I have this rule: I have to make breakfast and lunch really healthy and have one vegetable juice or a green smoothie a day – the rest I just don’t seat, frozen pizzas for dinner? yes, that’s fine for me 🙂

  2. I do this with tv shows: I pick ones that I truly love and would miss sorely if my TV didn’t work for, say, a month. The rest I watch on Netflix – makes it flexible
    FB/Twitter – I have set aside 10 minutes for each account each day – I swoop in, write something, respond to others and when time is up – I’m out! I don’t need it to steal my time 🙂

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