And So It Begins…

Image  In just twelve hours my life will be changed and perhaps yours, too.  Midnight, November 1, 2013, begins the annual NaNoWriMo, a challenge for writers worldwide to write 50,000 words in thirty days.  Daunting?  Yes.  Scary?  OMG!  Exciting?  Yep! I’m so ready to take this on.

Dirty Laundry 2 has been in my head and in notes on a bright yellow legal pad for months.  DL2 is the story of online dating seen through my eyes and experiences and those of friends and acquaintances.

My muse has been screaming at me to write it, get it done, get it out there.  I’ve stalled for a few reasons.

1. It will be the gritty, sometimes unpleasant truth about the reality of the bad guys out there, along with some laugh ’til you pee your pants experiences. 

2.  The creation of a book is hard work, emotionally trying and time consuming.

3.  Fear. What if I can’t do it?  What if I do it and no one likes it?

4.  What if one of those bad guys decides to get retribution and sues the pants off me? (I have nothing, so they can’t get anything.)

The opposite side is:

1.  There is nothing more satisfying to a storyteller than a finished story unless, of course, is it when that story is read and enjoyed.

2.  The process can be stimulating – using different parts of the brain for different chores, maintaining a schedule, searching for new and different ways to say something.

3.  NaNoWriMo brings a brand new set of acquaintances with which to brainstorm, chat and learn from, along with phenomenal teachers who are willing to help the novice as well as the seasoned writer.

4.  The feeling of accomplishment on November 30, 2013, when the first draft of a brand new book is complete – and the revision and polishing begins.

There is so much more to writing a book than I can explain here.  The biggest thing is to Just Do It!

I‘m ready to be part of NaNoWriMo 2013.  Are you ready to read another story about Miss Marly?

P.S. DL 2 has two working titles.  Please choose one and let me know.

1.  Dirty Laundry 2:  Widow Gone Wild

2.  Dirty Laundry 2:  Hung Out to Dry




6 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

    • Melanie, I can already tell I’m going to need a lot of chocolate this month and a bit of alcohol. I’m thinking the best part about this is the freedom to just write. If we can get it all down in 30 days, there will be lots of time later to fix everything.

    • Hazy, I did not achieve the NaNo goal, but I did make a start. My job rudely interrupted me with a lot of overtime. The money was fabulous, the time not so much. At this point, I keep yo-yo’ing – do I write it now or do I wait? It will ruffle a lot of feathers – my experiences were good and bad. If nothing else, I’m honest to a fault. Thanks for asking about it – I hope you’ll read it if it ever gets finished. 🙂

      • Life has that bad habit, doesn’t it? :-/

        I too, am wary of ruffling feathers, so I understand. I believe we do own whatever has happened to us, but if putting it in print brings us more upset, then we’re losing the point.

        If it helps at all, I tend to morph my truths into almost unrecognizable shapes and sizes. That way, I don’t hurt anyone, including myself, but it is still a cathartic exercise & release.

        I will most definitely read your book!

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