Amazon Reviews: Positive = the New Negative

Author Glynis Smy on book reviews. Great information here for readers. I wish every reader could read this and follow her suggestions!


Amazon Reviews are out there in their thousands, and just about anything that has been invented or created has a comment from a customer. Some are satisfied, some middle-of-the road, and others are very disgruntled.

As an author I take note of my book reviews, and have smiled over the generous comments. Those not so glowing are a lesson to be learned for me, and important enough for me to take heed of the customer. That said, I have been very fortunate and received positive messages about my novels. Some of my writing friends have been subjected to some cruel reviews, and I feel so sad that someone can be hurt so much by a stranger.

One of the things I find frustrating is the fact that Amazon tend to email and ask the customer what they think of the book, and the customer is panicked into a response. They…

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