Recycling Christmas

Need help with organizing your Christmas “stuff?”

The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough

Recycle Arrows-wRecycling Package_RGBWith the surplus of “things” you’ve accumulated from the holiday comes the task of cleaning up, storing, or throwing away. In our house, the tree and decorations came down last Saturday. We had bought a variety of new decorations this year to give our previous Santa tree a new theme. New lights, new ornaments, and even new beads were purchased, all of which would need a new space for storage in the basement over the next 11 months. And that got me to thinking about this post!

If you are like me, you either try to keep the original packaging (which usually gets torn or it never fits going back in) or you stock up on those giant plastic tubs that Wal-Mart has on the main aisle right now to get you thinking about this very purpose!  Hopefully, you label the tubs or at least take the time to store…

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