Trails in the Sand – Indie Book Award

I loved this book so much, and I’m thrilled for my friend, Patricia. If you enjoy animals, the ocean and nature in general, I encourage you to order a copy of Trails in the Sands. It’s a keeper.

P.C. Zick

ibdbadgeI woke this morning thinking today would be a day filled with nice things. I can’t say why I felt this way, but I did. A few minutes ago one of the many nice things happening today appeared in my inbox.

Royal Certificates

Sometimes when we just keep plodding along despite our feelings of failure and inadequacy, life will boost us back up and show us that we really are on the right path.

I’ve had a few weeks of feeling as if I wasn’t getting anywhere as an author. Whenever I felt most discouraged, I kept writing and I kept promoting my current works.

This award is just for a day, but the good it does to my heart, mind, and attitude will last far longer.

Check out the feature on Trails in the Sand:

Let this be a lesson for those of you out there pursuing your passion…

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