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I rarely do an extra blog post during the week, but I have a few things on my mind. We’ve been inundated with the news the last few days, the Michael Brown shooting up in Ferguson.

I’m going out on a limb here, and saying this is less about race than it is about respect. Before you hang me on that limb, I did NOT say it’s NOT about race. Look at what we know and have heard—the latter being purely subjective at this point.

Michael was a big guy, but by all accounts he was a super nice one. Haven’t heard anything bad about him, except that damn idiot who first posted Michael’s supposed Casenet record. I’m so mad about that I could knock that person upside the head. Hard. The “record” making the rounds was, yes, of a guy named Michael Brown. SO WHAT? There are probably 1000s…

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2 thoughts on “Ferguson

  1. Fabulous blog, Marilyn. What I have heard is that most of the people looting, rioting and stirring up the trouble are not from Ferguson, most have come in to cause this chaos (like Al Sharpton, a race baiting hustler). The family, the NAACP and the police have all asked for calm. These people are not protesting for Michael Brown — they are taking advantage of a tragedy to cause mayhem.

    Love, Jackie

    • Thanks, Jackie. It is just crazy this week! The police are at fault, too. They are scaring even the media to death! I’m so glad I don’t go down there every weekend anymore. Gary lives only one ‘burb east of Ferguson. I’m familiar with the area – sure glad that’s in the past. The anger, hatred, race issue – all of it is bundling together and wreaking havoc on those poor people who just want to live their lives.

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