Prep Monday—Go Home and Be Angry

Once again, I piggyback on Robin’s thoughts and words. She’s right. Me? This type of thing scares the heck out of me. I’m as white as white can be, but I have a son with a mental illness – he could be involved in an altercation with the police and end up on the wrong side, too. He has always been respectful of any authority figure and I pray he remains that way. As a mother I can’t help but be afraid any time police and a young man clash. I don’t know the real story behind Michael Brown and Officer Darrell Wilson, and neither does anyone else. I hope and pray they get to the bottom of this situation soon.

Robin Writes

More stuff going down around these parts—again, if you haven’t seen the news, you’re living under a rock. It’s tense, all over the area, and the 24/7 coverage is really, really wearing.

And yes, I can only imagine how it feels to actually be living in Ferguson right now.

Sad, mad, glad, and afraid. The four basic emotions. On the one hand, there are the law-abiding citizens; on the other hand, the ones who are out-of-control. The latter are making things very, very difficult and dangerous for everyone.

Remember when your kids were small, or, if they still are, how you taught them appropriate responses to emotional angst? Things like “it’s not okay to scream when you’re only playing,” “it’s not okay to steal,” “it’s not okay to rip out your brother’s hair because he breathed on you.” We teach our kids that it’s okay to feel whatever emotion they’re…

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