Cobblestones and Castles — My Journey to Europe, Part Three

AbbeyRoad2in2014  Let’s Rock and Roll across Abbey Road!  We may have looked ridiculous as we walked across the famous Abbey Road, but it was a memory maker.  With Phyllis in the lead, Miss Marly, Jan, Diane and Vern made the famous walk across the street and back to AbbeyRoad2014 which houses AbbeyRoadStudio2014Abbey Road Studios, home of the Beatles’ record label and still in use today.  We added our messages to the wall in front of the studio like millions of others before us.  This wall is filled with signatures, then painted over for the next round of tourists.

Our black taxi and knowledgeable driver took us all over London for 3-1/2 hours.  It’s a good thing we weren’t aware of all the times the driver stopped the taxi to take us on a short walk for a history lesson.  By this time, we had been up since Sunday morning – it was now Monday evening.  I should have counted how many times I crawled out of that taxi and back in again.  My poor bad knee was screaming at me to stay put.  In the end, I’d do it all over again.  How many times does one get to see and experience things like McCartneyOffice2in2014Paul McCartney’s offices?  The staircase in this building is beautiful, as is the wooden door and trim on the outside.  Sir Paul still uses this office today.McCartneyOffice2014 I guess if you are not interested in doing business with him, you could always drop by his house McCartneyHouse2014 and see if anyone will open the gate for you.  According to our driver, Paul has been known to take his granddaughter trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  I don’t know about you, but if Paul McCartney knocked on my door, I would not be thinking of the kid he had with him or of the candy I had on the table.  Whew!  Makes Miss Marly hot just thinking about it.  Love, Love Me Do, oh yeah, baby!

The Beatles are only a small piece of the rock and roll history of England.  Our driver took us to the Royal Albert Hall where all the famous bands played.  Europe092014 036Europe092014 039Many concerts were recorded live inside this beautiful old building.  When vinyl record albums were at their peak, I had several that were recorded at Royal Albert Hall.

Europe092014 040First generation Beatles fans will remember their manager, Brian Epstein, who lived and died at #57 in this building.  The arched wooden door was the entrance to his apartment.

The blue medallions seen in the pictures below are all over London.  They denote famous people or places.  Once our driver pointed them out to us, it was easy to spot them everywhere.  Do you recognize the names below?


How about this one? LennonApartment2014

Whew!  This was a long tour.  Our driver dropped us off at Copthorne Tara and, according to Jan, we had a late dinner at the hotel.  Did I eat?  I have no idea.  By that time, my brain was done.  At 36+ hours, I needed a shower and a bed.  I’m assuming the bed was comfortable.  I woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of the wake up call.

Next up is Part Four — Downton Abbey!


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