Cobblestones and Castles – My Journey to Europe, Part Five

Europe092014 009It’s time for lunch!  Our van drove us to a little country village and dropped us off at a typical English pub.  Fish, chips and once again little green peas!  Lunch was a nice break between Highclere and Stonehenge and rather different.  While sipping on a nice cold beer, a flash of pink passed my peripheral vision.  I turned my head and watched as two men walked by the window.  No big deal, right?  Right.  Except they were dressed in hot pink bling.  My thoughts of the English countryside being ultra conservative went out the window.  A couple minutes later they came into the dining room of the pub.  Much to my surprise, they were two young guys all dressed up for a cancer charity drive.  They kindly posed for pictures after passing out their flyers.  Europe092014 010  Our appetites sated, we climbed back into the van and headed for Stonehenge, about an hour’s drive from the pub.


Europe092014 012Stonehenge, a magical, mystical area dating back to prehistoric times.  More than the huge standing monoliths, Stonehenge is a burial ground with ancient people and a place of worship, a temple aligned with the movements of the sun.  The exact purpose is unknown.  The stones were raised over 4500 years ago.  The fact that the ancient people were able to move the stones is amazing in itself.  It is believed they used logs from felled trees as pallets and rafts, pushed across the terrain and raised on the site.  Europe092014 016The perimeter of the circle of stones is outlined with a low cable fence, keeping foot traffic out while allowing excellent viewing of the stones much closer than you would expect.  The day we were there, the sun was hot enough to burn my nose and shoulder.  A perfectly beautiful day for a leisurely walk listening to an audio commentary at each numbered stop.

Outside the circle, a short distance away, stand the Neolithic houses.  Europe092014 024The houses are one room, very dark inside.  I can’t imagine the prehistoric people who occupied these dwellings.  Their intelligence had to be incredible in order to build Stonehenge, yet they lived just a short step above animals in their cave like dwellings.

Our day was complete, our heads filled with the mystery and magic of ancient times.  A dream come true for me, one more item on my Bucket List complete.


Next Up:  We’ll go to The Tower of London and the State Apartments.


4 thoughts on “Cobblestones and Castles – My Journey to Europe, Part Five

  1. Stonehenge — the day we were there it poured buckets. Glad you had a nice day. We virtually ran around as we got soaked. No time to listen to the descriptions of what we were seeing.

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