Fifty Shades of Grey – Movie Review

Last night, I drove 35 miles to see an advanced showing of Fifty Shades, maybe the most anticipated movie of the year. I read the Fifty Shades trilogy when it first came out and devoured each one. While E.L. James has received much criticism, it can’t be said her books weren’t successful. I’m sure she laughs all the way to the bank and back.

Fifty Shades is erotica with a love story in the background. If you only read the first book, you do not get the love story. It takes all three books to get the romance. I believe it could have been done in one book.

The basics are Anastasia and Christian begin a relationship based on lust. By the end of book three, the story of Christian’s abusive childhood and Anastasia’s aim to please personality are merged into a love story.

Christian is a Dominant, a man with the innate desire to control a woman through the punishment/reward system using sexual pleasure and pain to do so. Anastasia is a young virgin who has no idea what she is getting into. She knows only that she wants this man and is willing to do whatever it takes to get him. It takes a Submissive to get Christian, a woman willing to be controlled by a man.

Now, we come to the movie of the first book. Dakota Johnson is perfect for the role of Ana. She was able to carry all the emotions – lust, fear, frustration, pain and love equally well.

Jamie Dornan is a handsome man with a great body but, in my opinion, he is not Christian Grey. The Christian Grey of the novel is masculine, hard-nosed, virile, demanding and to be feared above all else. I expected him to be bigger than life in the movie. He wasn’t. A good dominatrix could have rung Christian’s chimes in under a minute.

The movie was all about erotic sex, but the sex was always the same. How many times can one watch Ana be tied up and not get bored? For me, it only took a couple of times. She was stripped by Christian over and over, then writhed around showing her fantastic body – all of it, over and over. I doubt I will ever forget what her nipples look like. They were all over the movie. Of course, I have to admit to body envy. I think I still have a ribcage under my fluffiness. I just can’t see it anymore.

Two hours of Ana’s nipples and Christian’s butt was a bit much. After the first half hour, I was ready for more of the story. The Red Room or playroom was okay but too dark and had too many close-ups to get a realistic feel of the room. In the real world of B&D and/or S&M, this room would be called a dungeon and would have some scary looking equipment beyond the floggers and cuffs. Oh, I forgot the ropes. If I had a dollar for every time he tied a knot in the red ropes, I’d go out to dinner tonight.

I kept waiting for more, more story, more depth, more types of Red Room activities. It didn’t happen.

The end left us wondering what’s next for Christian and Ana? With two more movies in the works, obviously they will get back together. It is just a shame they couldn’t do it in one movie.


6 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey – Movie Review

  1. Good review, Marilyn! I have neither read the books or seen the movie. I think you’ve saved me from the big screen torture though. I’ll just bury nose in the scorching pages once I get around to finally buying the book.

    Great post!

  2. I liked the first helicopter scene. That would be romantic in anybody’s book. When she fell in the door in his office, everyone cracked up. I also thought his suits would be extraordinary. They weren’t.

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