Prep Monday—Taking Back America

Yes. This.

Robin Writes

I know the left makes fun of the phrase “taking back America,” mostly because, no, things weren’t rosy for everyone back in the day. But to me it means that many things WERE better then, for everyone:

Prices were more reasonable, even considering inflation.
Kids were actually disciplined.
Kids were taught the basics in school, and yes, memorization worked.
No one freaked out about what the kids were doing outside all day.
Products were made in America, and that means
Jobs were in manufacturing, not the service industry, and that means
People did less sitting on their asses pushing papers and were more active and therefore
We were healthier as a whole, in spite of smoking being cool, because we ate
Real food instead of crap.
At any rate, we didn’t worry about it, so there’s that, because we didn’t have
24/7 news and information—we were only concerned about shit…

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One thought on “Prep Monday—Taking Back America

  1. Thanks, Marilyn, I’m sharing this!!  Mary Ann “We are all just walking each other Home.” Ram Dass “With gratitude, all life appears as a blessing – Without gratitude, all of life is perceived as a burden.” – jlh

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