The New President and My Old Marching Shoes


Hello, everyone, in case you were wondering where I was, I have been busy revising my latest novel. I want to stay focused but don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, my faithful reader. Meanwhile, I wrote the following for The Huffington Post which I wanted to share.…/5880bed6e4b0fb40bf6c46f7…
Diana at march.jpg

I went to my first protest march when I was twelve. It was 1969, and I walked down Great Neck’s main street in favor of a proposal to bus children from a low-income area to Great Neck schools. Wearing plaid bell bottoms, I carried my own handwritten sign, “They won’t hurt you, why should you hurt them? Give them a chance, too!” (There were even smiley faces in the letter O’s.)

As demonstrators march for and against President-Elect Donald Trump, I’m reminded of all the marches I’ve attended since that first protest. Moreover, I…

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2 thoughts on “The New President and My Old Marching Shoes

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Marilyn.  She didn’t go on about how she felt about each issue, but rather about how much she appreciates the freedom she has to express her opinions.  The hatred of the current protesters is so very disheartening.  Mary Ann “We are all just walking each other Home.” Ram Dass “With gratitude, all life appears as a blessing – Without gratitude, all of life is perceived as a burden.” – jlh

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