A cozy fire just waiting for friends to stop by and catch up on the week's happenings....

A cozy fire just waiting for friends to stop by and catch up on the week’s happenings…

The purpose of my writing is to bring out the everyday things of life.  A lifetime of experiences, some not at all the norm, has prepared me to speak to the women of today in a frank, sometimes bawdy, always loving voice in hopes of entertaining them and guiding them in the search for self and the assurance that nothing is truly forbidden.  Life happens to all of us, both good and bad.  By using honesty, humor and a no holds barred approach, I hope to encourage others.

My writing style is down to earth, no pretense.  Plain, old-fashioned prose that speaks to the heart of our issues as women, moms, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, etc.

Because it is so real, humor gives my stories a break from the depths of emotions like anger, pain, fear, cowardice, jealousy and hatred.  Some of us face these emotions every day, and most of us can keep them in check.

But what about the times when they spill over into reality?  Who is there for us then?  Who understands?

Some of the problems involve the pain of losing a parent to death at an early age, blended families, forbidden love, alcoholism and sibling rivalry just to name a few.

Widows have realities unlike other women.  My writing will give a fictional account of what it is to be alone after the death of a spouse, but based on truth.  I am a widow.  The perils of online dating will be just one story – and what a story it will be!

Divorced?  Yes, I’ve been there, too.  A different set of circumstances from widowhood.

My hope is that you will come to know and love these stories and that you will be encouraged to keep moving forward in your own life with the assurance you are not alone.

Now, please turn the page for the details on Dirty Laundry.  I want you to meet Miss Marly!