Meet Miss Marly

282713_117142348467330_534688675_nWhen I grow up, I’m going to marry him, I thought back in late autumn of 1966, standing in front of our tiny 4-room house on the main drag of a small town in Illinois, truly the middle of nowhere. I was 10 years old, soon to be 11, an ugly duckling hoping to someday turn into a swan. (A girl has to dream, doesn’t she?)  Walking towards me on the sidewalk was a dark-haired, handsome, 6 feet tall man. He was dressed in loafers, white Levi’s (very fashionable back then), and an olive green corduroy coat.

One look at him and I knew. This was my destiny. Nothing would ever change my mind. You may ask how a 10-year-old child could know anything about destiny. It wasn’t for me to understand. It just was. My heart skipped a beat when he murmured a low “Hi” upon passing. I was mute and couldn’t have spoken if my life depended on it.

Thus begins Marly’s story of love, lust, heartbreak, winning and losing.  Follow Marly on her journey – laugh with her, cry with her, but most of all – cheer her on!  I hope you love her as much as I do.  She will return next year in Widow Gone Wild…