Tool For Tuesday: You Can’t Detach From Someone Whose Approval You Need

This makes so much sense. Are you a people pleaser? Why or why not?


You can’t detach from someone whose approval you need.

You can’t grow up and be an authentic adult, not tied into someone else, if you keep seeking their approval.

I’ve been a perfectionist, people-pleaser, goody-goody, put-my-needs-at-the-back-of-the-list person who craved—really craved—people’s approval. I never knew which shoes to buy because I was afraid somebody wouldn’t like them. (Heels too high, heels too low, too impractical, too practical color too funky, color too dull.) I didn’t know what I really wanted because my head was clogged thinking about what others would say about my choices.

Hey, it’s simple. If we want to start living authentic, mature lives—meaning, doing the things we want to do—somebody’s not going to be happy.

Especially if we’ve been in a relationship with someone based on our meeting all their demands and jumping through hoops o’ fire to please them.

Once we start to stop…once we first consider…

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One thought on “Tool For Tuesday: You Can’t Detach From Someone Whose Approval You Need

  1. Thank you, Marilyn, for re-posting my blog. I appreciate it. Like your blog! As for being a people-pleaser, I’m realizing that I’m a people and it’s important to please me first!

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